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Hot Blizzard Slot Review

Hot Blizzard slot will instantly invoke nostalgia in any player that starts playing it. The provider Tom Horn Gaming takes the classic slot theme of fruits and elevates it a step further in this casino game for Aussies.

Even though the theme is a retro one, that’s not the case for the features of the slot. First off, the game is a jackpot slot game with a max win of 5,000x! And although it has 5 paylines, the 95.8% RTP won’t make you feel limited in any way.

Slot Name: Hot Blizzard
Software: Tom Horn Gaming
RTP: 95.8%
Volatility: Medium Volatility
Paylines: 5
Reels: 5
Min Coins Per Spin: 1
Max Coins Per Spin: 5
Top Win: 5,000x


  • Colorful graphics with a classic slot theme
  • Features a 95.8% RTP
  • 5000x top win


  • No bonus round other than free spins
  • The game lacks excitement

RTP in the Slot Hot Blizzard

When any new player asks, «How can you tell a good slot apart from the bad ones?», the answer is almost always the RTP. It’s a mathematical representation of how much of your wager back the slot game will return to you.

In the case of the Hot Blizzard slot, the RTP is 95.8%. For a slot that looks and feels like a classic slot, the RTP value is quite impressive. Since the slot also has a medium volatility, the RTP is a perfect match for the game.

What Buttons are Used?

When making this review, one of the things that caught our eye was the interface. Most slot providers, don’t pay any attention to the design and placement of the buttons. But for Tom Horn Gaming, that seems to be just the case.

The buttons have a colour that matches the backdrop of the reels. So, it all feels like one cohesive thing. The actual slot controls are located on the bottom far right of the screen. There you have the buttons that control the spin, and lets you set the autoplay.

There is also a button that toggles the max bet with just one click. On the right side of the spin button are the sound controls and the paytable button. If you need any information regarding the game and the symbols, you can find them in the paytable.

In terms of buttons, on the left side of the screen, you have two buttons that you’ll really care about. Those are the buttons that let you control the bet value for your coins in the slot. The rest of the interface is dedicated to giving you information about your wager.

Just below the reels in the centre of the screens is a box that shows how much money you’ve won in a spin. The provider wanted to keep the focus on the game rather than something superficial. The interface design works perfectly for that.

How to Play Hot Blizzard Pokies?

Gameplay-wise, there’s nothing new to be told about the Hot Blizzard slot machine. You set the bet value and spin the reels, hoping to hit a winning combo. But we’re including a small guide here, just in case, you’re new to gambling. It should help when you’re starting out.

  1. The Hot Blizzard game comes with 5 different paylines. Before you start playing, fire up the paytable and take note of the paylines. You need to get matching symbols to land on the payline to win money.
  2. From the left side of the screen, you can click on the «+» and «-» icon to set the value of your wager. A common rule is to set a bet value in accordance to your total bankroll.
  3. If you’d like, you could also use the autoplay feature. It can be found near the «Spin» button. There you can select the number of spins and the bet value for them.
  4. Once everything is set, you can press the «Spin» button. If you land on a win, the slots will stop spinning and inform you. You will see how much you won from the spin in the middle of the screen.

How to Win at Hot Blizzard Slot

If you’ve been reading along till now, you know something about how to play the Hot Blizzard slot real money. But can you tell when you’ve made some winnings in the slot? If you can’t, don’t worry. We’re going to talk all about that now.

In the Hot Blizzard game, there are only 5 paylines. This means, these are the only 5 possible ways that you can win. You need to get matching symbols in these 5 patterns if you want to win real money.

All winning combinations are counted in this game from left to right. So, you should only get your hopes up when you see the start of a combination in the first reel.

Special Symbols

Since the slot has a retro fruity theme, the special symbols are going to be limited. Nevertheless, it’s important to be aware of the symbols and their payout in the Hot Blizzard slot game.

We think that the Hot Blizzard game is perfect for new players. And that’s because there are fewer symbols than you’d find in any other slot. Let’s check out what we have.

The most valuable symbol in the game is the blazing fiery 7. This is the highest-paying symbol in the game. Why is that so? If you get 5 of this symbol on the reels in a payline, you get paid 1000x of the wager that you’ve placed.

After the 7, we have 4 different fruits that you will encounter in the slot quite often. Let’s start from the highest paying and move on from there. The highest among the 4 symbols is the watermelon. Five of these will pay you 100x on your wager.

This symbol is followed by a branch of juicy grapes. The highest value that you can get out of this is 50x. And that’s for getting 5 grapes symbols in the payline. This is followed by plums and oranges. Those pay 20x and 10x respectively.

As for the bonus special symbols, the Wild is an ice-cold joker 7. And the Scatter symbol.

Hot Blizzard Bonus Features & Free Spins

The providers wanted to keep things simple. This is why they’ve only included two things when it comes to bonus features. These are the gamble feature and the free spins.

The free spins round works just like you’d expect from a classic slot. You need to start the round by getting multiple Scatters symbols. The minimum amount of Scatters that you need is 3.

If you get more than 3, it will increase the number of free spins that you start with. You can either get 10, 20, or 30 free spins. During this round, a 3x multiplier is active, so you can get quite the payout during this time.

But we’re not done with the bonus features. There is another one that we’re yet to discuss. This one will also get more winnings, so let’s check out what it is.

Players also have the option to double their wins if they choose. This is done through the gamble feature. Players have the option to predict whether a card is going to be red or blue. If the prediction is made correctly, that will instantly double the wins for the player.

The Main Gambling Tips for Hot Blizzard Slot

Since the game is so simple, many of our readers get baffled when they’re reading the Hot Blizzard slot review. They always want to learn whether or not there is any tip to winning in this game effectively. Thankfully, there are some ways, and we’re going to share those with you.

  1. Before you start playing the game, set up things first. These are going to be the bankroll and the bet value that you’re going to have for each spin.
  2. Be sure to create some limits as well. For the most ideal experience, create a win limit as well as a loss limit. If you hit either of the limits, it’s time to take a break.
  3. Since the slot has a medium volatility, you won’t be hitting wins that often. To make your time worthwhile, we suggest to make use of the gamble feature. You have a 50% chance of doubling your wins. Take advantage of it.
  4. During the free spins round, there is a 3x multiplier active. Make sure you have a sound strategy that can make the most out of this bonus 3x modifier.

Hot Blizzard Demo Play/Free Play

Throughout this review, you should have seen that there isn’t really much that you get in terms of uniqueness in this slot. It’s just a reimagining of an already great classic. The Hot Blizzard slot demo does a great job of convincing you that its worth your time.

You can try out the free spins by triggering them in the demo mode. You should also play around with the gamble feature so that you’re not losing money as you’re chasing for the free spins.

You can get a feel for these things as well as the aesthetics in the free play mode. It’s available to play Hot Blizzard slot free online thanks to the provider.

Review of the Hot Blizzard

So, what do we have to say about this game? Slots are one of the most popular games when it comes to casinos. And the popularity began with classic slots just like Hot Blizzard. It’s nice to see a provider paying homage to the classic game in their own version. We recommend Aussie gamblers to check it out at least once.

Information About Hot Blizzard Provider

The provider was originally known as Tom Horn Enterprise. But in 2016, it shifted its focus and became known as Tom Horn Gaming. Initially, the provider had a license from the MGA. But now they posses multiple licenses that allow them to supply games to operators around the world!

The provider is well known for creating games with colourful and bright 2D graphics. Even though the design of the symbol may be 2D, they feel lifelike when you start spinning the reels.

Is Hot Blizzard Slot Mobile-Optimized?

Thankfully, you can play the slot on your phone as well. If you’re reading this review on your phone and you want to try it out now, you could do it without spending any money. This is because even the demo mode is supported for you to test the game out.


Can I play the Hot Blizzard slot for free?

Like we mentioned in the review, if you want to try the game out, it’s available for free. You only need to spend money when you want to get real money winnings.

Does Hot Blizzard offer free spins?

The Hot Blizzard game is a classic-theme inspired slot. And just like other great classics, this game also comes with free spins.

Can I win real money playing Hot Blizzard?

When you’re using the deposited money of your casino account to play Hot Blizzard, that’s when you can start winning real money from the game.

Can I Download Hot Blizzard Slot Machine?

To keep things simple and hassle-free, the provider has optimized the game for desktops and phones. And it’s been done in a way that requires you to download nothing.

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